Building Computer

Hia , I’m going to start build a new computer from scratch and I was wondering what you guy’s would think would be a good prcessor and motherboard would be good to use:

I have a budget of £200

Using for 3d work and gaming

I haven’t really looked into prices lately, but £200 sounds like a very small budget for both a motherboard and a cpu

I can say one thing, you won’t be able to put together a true rendering beast for that price (processors that truly excel at rendering generally start at 400-500 USD).

So you put together your brand new machine for this price and fire up the Cycles, then you find what might be wrong when you discover it’s not rendering very fast. Personally, I would try to save up for a motherboard with a decent number of PCI-E slots (for RAM and such) along with a 3rd generation i7 processor.

£200 = $259.13 US

i would say wait a couple weeks because the new AMD chips are coming out then(they are a little faster)
and they should bring the prices of all the current stock down as well…(probably both AMD and Intel)

the new AMD Vishera CPU’s are suppose to be about 8% faster in single threaded apps and 11% faster in multi threaded apps so…
we shall see.

My AMD-8120(@3.6GHZ turbo off) with Win7 64 and MinGW64 build renders the
MikePan scene in 2min44sec.

My AMD-8120(@3.9GHZ turbo off) with Win7 64 and MinGW64
MikePan scene in 2min34sec

My AMD-8120(@4.1GHZ turbo off) with Win7 64 and MinGW64
MikePan scene in 2min25sec

£200 should buy you either a good CPU for a computer, or about 2/3 of a nice graphic card for gaming and 3d work.

You get a computer for 200 pounds though, however it’ll be suitable for doing office work and playing minesweeper only.

@enigma: He want’s to build a computer from scratch for 200 pounds, not buy a CPU+MB.

oh a whole computer for £200???
umm… i would say save up some more £…
like i shown £200 gets ya just the “entry level” Mobo+CPU(in a combo deal)

I’ve done some calculations with the #'s that have been reported
and the Overclocks reported about the upcoming Vishera CPU 5GHZ on Water cooling.

at 4.9-5GHZ with MinGW we should be seeing about
1min 20-30 sec in the MikePan render benchmark. (not to shabby IMHO)
hopefully we will see.

£200 to build from scratch will buy you a peice of crap that’s no better than the setup you have now

if i may suggest browsing ebay you can get a decent unit reconditioned dirt cheap, for example, like this

Only if you really have the disposable income, a water cooling system tends to add a lot to the price of a PC and are usually found only in those specialty rigs that tend to cost 2000 USD at the lowest.

For example, I myself have some money that I can put toward a new rig, but I don’t have enough to justify spending $2000. (I have just ordered a new rig today but that one will clock in at half that price).

you can get watercooler for less than $100,
they come standard now on most boutique PC’s

Look at CyberpowerPC or Ibuypower
(they will even overclock them for you, for a little extra $)

thats why i just say do it yourself. :wink:

there are several air coolers that rank up there with the best water coolers

here is ones of them

or this one
(both cool about the same the Noctua is a little quieter,
but both are quieter than the H100 water cooler at full speed)

Here is an AMD-8150 8-core with Water cooler included $269.99

but like i said…
i’d wait a couple weeks for the new ones.

When i said I had a budget of £200 I meant for the processor and motherboard not the entire computer my entire budget is about £450 but I still need to buy the case, ram , harddrive etc. I could spend a bit more on the processor and motherboard but the utter MAX for both of them would be £300.

i you do alot of video encoding i would maybe say
go Intel Ivy Bridge even though it way cost a bit more.(for the Quick Sync)
unless you dont use it…

its not not just the CPU’s that cost more for Intel but the motherboards cost more as well.

im not going to say its the greatest but its in your price range(same CPU i have)
the memory is a little slower 1333(i have 1600)
this one comes with Radeon Video card. Comes with OS Windows8

but like it says the release date for this one isnt until the OCT 26th.
(thats probably the date when NEW AMD CPU’s will be launching)

Thanks for all the feedback , I actually might buy a compure instead of building one, What one would you guys think is better.

out of the ones you posted the bottom one is the best one…
8-core CPU, it has Windows8
(lots of people complain about it, but it is faster in Cycles by a little bit)

Like i said, I would maybe wait a little bit. and see if they make system configurations
with the 8120 or the new Vishera CPU available in your price range,
With a Better Mobo(the one they chose for the system is kind of ehh…)

Maybe try going to their website and see if you could configure they same system with a AMD970 or 990FX MOBO
the one they have here has onboard video(not used but takes up space in the back panel and limits your ports)

I don’t know much about AMD’s CPUs, but I have done extended research on Intel’s i5, i7, and Xeon CPUs. Xeon is probably the best, but they are built for the best PCs and servers and cost too much and the only socket that will fit is a LGA 2011. Motherboards with this socket are very expensive. i7 ivy bridge CPUs are more affordable at between $200-$500. i7 are the best for gaming and video making, and rated top for performance. i5 CPUs are most affordable at prices between $120-$250. i5 is a good choice, but your options are very limited. The best i5 CPU would be i5-3570K. Personally, I would go with an i7-3770K. It is benchmarked above AMD’s FX-8150 at around 20% faster, but for double the price.

As for motherboards, try to find boards from gigabyte, Asus, EVGA, or MSI. I prefer to find a board with a memory capacity of at least 32 GB, for expansion in the future. I look for at least 4 SATA ports, the board size, at least 6 USB2.0 and 2 USB3.0, the number of fans supported, and wether or not it has integrated graphics. Boards with onboard graphics means some memory would be sent to support the graphics, and integrated graphics are not as good as dedicated graphics. I find it difficult to find an Intel motherboard without integrated graphics, but almost every AMD Motherboard I have found with these specs doesn’t have integrated graphics. I also look for the PCI count and PCI Express count. I try to find a board with PCIe 3.0 x16 because the latest and best video cards require that type of slot. I would look for a motherboard which will allow over clocking.

When I look for power supplies, or PSU, I generally look for motherboard power connector with 20+4 pins, a CPU power connector which will fit the motherboard’s (4+4 pin prefered), at least 4 SATA power cables, 1 or 2 6+2 pin cables for video/sound cards, and at least 700W.

I look for a case which will hold these items. If much overclocking is involved, I would try to find a case with at least 4 vents. I look for cases which can hold at least 2 external disk drives and 3+ internal HDD.

I look for a video card with at least 1 GB memory and can support 2+ monitors. My preference would be to have at least 1 of each of these output ports: VGA, DVI, and HDMI. I also look for HDCP support.

I would look for at least 8 gigs of DDR3 RAM. speed being at least 1333 MHz. This amount is descent for a high end computer, and will allow faster render speeds.

A good Hard Drive is at least 500 gigs. This will allow some comfortable room for adjusting the virtual memory.

Good websites to look for would be:

I am in the process of buying a computer for under $1000 and capable of running blender and other applications well. For that price, I can get an Intel i7-3770K at the cost of everything else being cheap, or I can get an AMD FX-8150 and get the other parts for good quality.

I am not buying anything until AMD’s new processors are released later this month.

Hi Rigged,
did you purchase yet or decide to build your own? It’s a bit of a PITA if you haven’t done it before, but also fun,
instructive, and you have the pride of having done it yourself…especially when it works when you turn it on.
Highly recommend it. =)

Trying to decide on all the components can be a mind bender.
I built one last year for Octane…very happy to see it runs Cycles very well.

ASUS M4A89GTD main board $150
500GB Seagate SATA HD $40
CPU: Phenom II 955 $140
GPU: Galaxy 210 (for Windows display only) $10 (ten, really!)
GPU: EVGA GTX 460 2GB (for Cycles renderinging) $230
RAM: 4GB …I know that’s not much, but it works fine as is, no problems…can always add more (16 max).
600 Watt power supply
Highly recommend also the Logitech back lit keyboard…low profile, nice typing feel.
ACER 23" monitor

Not a screaming gaming machine, but works great with all my apps. I probably spent more than I needed, and in fact,
wish I’d spent a bit more for a better mainboard to accomidate more stuff down the road.

But it’ll do me (have to) for the forseeable future. And Cycles GPU renders are 10X faster than the CPU.

Am upgrading to Zotac GTX 580, adding another drive (SSD? SATA?) & installing Blenderbuntu & Blender on it.
Hope to get 2-3X faster renders. =O

Happy as a clam at high tide. :smiley:

Good luck!