Building cycles with GPU support

Doing according to this
Just stap by step.
It works! But no GPU mode for Cycles. Debian 7 system with NVIDIA card and drivers.
What am I doing wrong?

Hi some drivers from repositories are not working with cuda, which driver do you use.
Did you enabled Cuda in User Preferences > System?
You need Cuda toolkit 6.0 to compile Cuda kernel but this comes later.
You could try Octane engine, it is a Cuda render engine too, it should show you the Nvidia card in File menu > Preferences.

Cheers, mib

Thx for quick replay. There si no GPU on\off option under System tab. I am using latest drivers from Nvidia official site v331.
Actually, question is how to set up compiler for GPU ?

Do you have CUDA installed in your machine ? You need both CUDA and the driver that comes with it. If this is the case, ensure you have WITH_CYCLES_CUDA_BINARIES enabled in your build options.

Hi, work Release 2.71 with Cuda?
@KWD, if you enable WITH_CYCLES_CUDA_BINARIES you build all kernels every time, even you don´t need them.
If not Blender build the kernel “On the fly” at first render.
If no Cuda in User Preferences > System it is something with the driver and Release from does not work too.

Cheers, mib

@@mib2berlin, I know that, but find it bothering. Also I only build kernels for my architecture, and I only build with Cycles (and CUDA) when I need them, as I’m making quite a few experimentation development wise.

Thx all, solved by installing CUDA devkit 6.0

CPU: Intel x86_64 (2 processors) 2670MHz
GPU: Nvidia GeForce GTX 650 2GB
OS: Debian Jessie/sid
Only way I could get cuda working was to download 6.0 run file, extract to separate parts, leave the nvidia graphics driver alone (already installed) then run the cuda install script, then edit the file host_config.conf and change the line where it says gcc minor version >8 and change the 8 to a 9…

It was the same for me.