Building deformation mesh from different obj files

Hi everyone,
I am not an CG artist and am noob in blender. I am a game developer.

Here is my question:
We are trying to capture meshes and textures from a 3d scanner. The output file formate is ply. Each frame is captured and converted to ply or obj file formats. Now we are suppose to bring all the obj meshes into one single deforming mesh. I hope you understand my question. Let me know if am confusing.

Our intention is to take the face expressions from the meshes to a different character. To be simple facial motion capture.

This is the wrong forum for such a question, you should really use the support forum. What you are looking for are shape keys, also called blend shapes or relative vertex keys(rvk).

am sorry in that case. I wish some mod can help me move this forum.

And by the way, thanks for naming the terms. I’ll research on those topics further.

I imagine, blend shape is possible only in identical mesh deformed to different expressions. And then use slide controls to bring intermediate forms. What I am speaking about it, the different meshes are scanned separately so I am wondering if the algorithm will find it as same mesh deformed.

Any idea on this?

This sounds interesting. Please post what you find out about it. Someone should post where the forum can be found that talks about stuff like this.