Building destruction visualization ?

any examples like this?

a .blend file that has a bullet simulation like this?

preferably for 2.49b

ps: i know it is not hard to make, but how to make it precise?

You could do it by hand, placing the blocks (should be simple rectangular cubes, with collision bounds type = box and object type set to =rigid body).

You could probaly use particals to place the blocks, in the same way people use them to place trees.
Or you could write a script.

By hand is easiest, but takes a lot of time.

Hi Dhia Eldeen,

This is not very difficult. I hope by “precise” you mean the distance between the objects.

Blender’s got these awesome Array and Mirror modifiers. You then normally will get your “building” as a connected mesh. But that’s not a problem at all. Just enter edit mode, select all and choose from the mesh menu: “Vertices - Seperate - By loose parts” - or press “p” on your keyboard. As a final step, you could also select all the objects and choose “Object - Transform - Origin to geometry”.
You can then build such a tower in a few minutes.

The only Problem, though, is really that blender doesn’t support applying one setting to several objects. I’m afraid you’d have to assign your physics properties to every single object manually. -.- Or is there?!

If you set the physics properties on one object, select all the others, then select your control object (the one with settings) you can press CTR+C to copy any properties or logic bricks or anything like that to all the other objects.

Hi Smoking_mirror,

That’d be awesome! But it doesn’t work :frowning:
I tried the following:
-Created two cubes
-Assigned a new material to my “prototype cube”
-selected the cube that should have the copy
-then selected the prototype
-pressed CTRL-C
-… … nothing happened?!

It doesn’t work with logic bricks either. Please could you try to explain it a bit more? Do I have to hover my mouse over a special area?!

This function would come in very handy!
Thank you in advance!

Check for a building script.

It is for simple cubes, but could be enhanced for other constructions very easily

you have to select the one to copy from, then SHIFT+SELECT the next object to copy to.-then press CTRL+C (i think it’s that way round)

Oh yes, sorry, shift select.

The final object you select is the one which has the desired properties.
You can get the function from the “object” menu too, once you have selected them.

Hey guys,

thank you for answering.
Pressing “CTRL + C” still doesn’t work at all. But the hint with the menu was very helpful. So you mean the entry “Object - Make Links… - Object Data/Materials (and so on)”, don’t ya’? Thank you!
And I “automatically” shift selected the objects :slight_smile:

Anyway, there is still no suitable menu entry that makes it possible to copy logic bricks (as mentioned above). But as far as I am concerned, my questions are answered now :slight_smile:

Let’s see if Dhia Eldeen has got his questions answered now (probably very bad english grammar, sry! :smiley: ).