Building + details ???

Kind of a vague title but here is my question. I have a tileable texture (brick) going up a building. I was wondering what different techniques can be incorporated to add other things on top of the texture. Vines, windows, or paint.

I figure you could always just break down and add more polys directly in front of the object and use and alpha texture, but I was wondering if there is a more better best way :cool: .


I think your best off adding an alpha plane just in front. I tried blender materials and having two textures. It works, sort of, except the mapping can’t be different for each texture. So if you tile, your hung.

Here is a wire

Here it is w/ texture and static light

The texture used

I found this method looking around on cgtalk. Any way I took a tileable texture then create a second with moss/vines/whatever. I used the left texture for the top face and the right texture for the base.

found it else where but here’s the texture

You can set “use blender materials” in the game menu. Once you do, you can have up to three image textures on a single material. (note if you leave the mix setting to mix it won’t respond to light but luckily it does in the OGRE testing build)

blender material bah too confusing … and such.

here are some baked texture shots I spend all day doing. Using BRayBaker 3.4 and nvidias normalmap plugin and the gimp.
show casted shadows over the door and front of the gatehouse
lost some of the detail in that one
shows some of the normal map giving a bit of shine
Problems with this method is tiled texture can’t be used (unless your slick or crazy) which leads to huge textures The shiny brick above are on a 1024 texture due to not being able to tile. And they are the first to blur when getting too close. But oh well still really neat. It would really be killer for simple small interior rooms. I didn’t spend enough time setting up the lighting (got frustrated ) that is why the shadows are sooooo dark.