Building Examples and Suggestions for the Game Rust On Steam

Hello Everyone!

I have been playing the game Rust on steam. It is in Alpha currently. I would like to submit some of my ideas of items to add to the game, and I think it would be great if I could submit models of my idea using blender. However, I am still getting used to the Cycles Engine for Blender. I completed my first model, but for some reason the rendered images keeps coming out blurry or has a lot of noise. I believe I used Smart UV to attach the texture to the meshes. I read the bumping the number of samples in render will help clear out some of it, but it still has some noise. Any suggestions? Oh, and here is the link to the thread where I posted the images.

Feel free to make suggestions.

I am planning on making a few more examples on how corner pieces can help improve the aesthetic value of buildings people can construct. They are…

-Stone shelters or houses (either brick and motor, or piled stones, etc)
-Wooden Shelters with Reinforced with Metal Plating
-Concrete Buildings with Metal Frames
-Scrap Metal Buildings

This is my first time submitting something to this site. So I am looking forward to peoples critiques and suggetions :slight_smile:

Does that game use 2D or 3D assets?

If it uses 3D assets you shouldn’t bother with cycles or rendering, unless you want to bake fully lit rendered textures.
3D game assets should be properly uv-unwrapped and have a simple material set. I doubt a cycles material will export to .obj or .fbx and if it does (?) it probably will be a mess.

Rust has its own renderer (Basically every game does). Which means, using Cycle’s material nodes won’t have any effect on the in-game model.

You make a model, apply material ids, uv unwrap it. Then export/convert it to a format which is supported by Rust’s gaming engine.

Well, the textures that I am using are just 2D images I found online. For now I am just making images showing examples I think would be good things and ideas to add to the game. So I will not be exporting them as 3D models. I am also doing this to help get more experience using Blender. Such as, what is the difference between baking it and rendering the image in cycles?