Building Generator.

Check this out. Anyone able to do this for Blender?

that is seriously impressive, I have seen similar things been done in blender I think there is even a city generator script floating about

see Suicidator City Engine:

littleneo also provides another script there…

Thanks for that link. A very interesting 28 pages and it doesn’t seem to be finished yet. Great work that the coders do . WOW!!

What is this .mse-file (buildingGen_v035_02.mse)? How do I get it opened? What format it is?

try there, for some instruction installing. I cant load that page atm, so I hope its rite.

I wonder if here would be anyone on the house design branch, I’d like to know if there are some common standards for building blocks, e.g. the doors are usually same height/width, the roof at about the same height? Is there somewhere any tabelles to be found to start with a collection of basic blocks, or something?