Building mesh in camera perspective is whack

why is this happening, i am currently using the cggeek tutorial on you tube for city skyline and i have no idea why in camera mode it turns out like this?

Is it a Clipping issue? I had a quick look at the video I think you’re talking about. He changes the clipping value for the viewport perspective to be able to see everything. I suspect you’d have to repeat the process with the same values for the Camera clipping.

Sorry. But it seems to be the wrong place to post about it. Moving it to a more appropriate post.

it is a clipping issue, i made a new city skyline it worked fine so im wondering if its a bug issue.

no worries sorry mate my first post and i didnt know where to post my bad

It was not an evidence for me too.(where to post it).

yes iv fixed the issue thank you i had the range at 1million instead of 100,000

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