Building new 3D Modelling PC ...

Hey to everyone.
I’ve been thinking to build a PC only for 3D Modelling/Animating/Rendering etc.

I am really new to building PC’s so i thought about asking here.
My budget is around 1500 Euro’s
What would you recommend me? also including Monitor, i have one monitor 19 inchs.

We are moving soon to new appartment and i wanna settle my room with a cool PC to learn in flexible and better way modelling better.

also what u tihnk of this:®-i72000,48353,462768,1990142.html?langId=-3#technische-daten

Thank u and have a great day.

Get the best you can afford of these three things: CPU, video card, main memory. Most all the other components (hard drive, cd/dvd drives, sound, etc.) are of secondary importance and can be upgraded easily down the road, so I wouldn’t spend too much on those things.

I would spend my money on a Graphics card and on the main memory.