Building new computer (specs help wanted)

I am building new computer to use with Blender and want to know if specs are good for a start. Maybe there is something I can change to save some money or replace some pieces without loosing too much in performance and productivity.

Computer Case be quiet! Pure Base 600 Black (~€86)
Power supply Seasonic Prime TX-850 (~€313)
Motherboard Asus Prime X570-Pro (~€246)
CPU AMD Ryzen 5 3600 (~€212)
CPU Fan NH-D15S (~€98)
Memory GOODRAM Iridium X Black IR-X3200D464L16SA/16GDC, 2x16Gb (~€67)
Graphic card PCI-Ex Radeon RX 6600 Dual 8GB GDDR6 128bit (~€694)
SSD Goodram PX500 256GB M.2 2280 PCIe 3.0 x4 NVMe 3D NAND TLC (~€33)
Monitor DELL 23.8" SE2422H (~€193)

I cables, keyboard and mouse are not included, as these prices are negligible in comparison with other stuff. Actual prices in the online store are in our local currency (I have converted them in EUR for convenience) and were true when I compiled the list.

This setup should be quite future proof, in terms of adding more RAM, installing second GPU or replacing CPU with more powerful one.

Let me know if I’m good to go or there is something I need to change.

That’s one expensive power supply

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Right, but if later I will install second GPU and more powerful CPU I won’t need to change power supply as well.

You might want to invest in a bigger SSD… 256GB is really tiny and you’ll run out of room quickly. I use my SSD strictly for the operating system and I have mechanical drives for storage and everyday use.


Let me suggest a pre-built system from this particular store. Your list doesn’t make much sense. There are newer components in the market with better performance per €.
Take a look at this Dell Alienware
Combine it with this monitor and you’re good to go

I have a NAS for storing huge files. And later I definitely will install bigger disk(s) in addition to that SSD.

@birdnamnam thanks a lot for your suggestion. The computer you have suggested indeed looks more powerful than my list. However my main concern is an ability to upgrade it later. I can be wrong, but that custom case leaves only few options for future upgrades. Am I wrong?

Please don’t get me wrong, I am not very knowledgeable in hardware specs and really appreciate all the answers and suggestions. Moreover I don’t reject your suggestion at all, maybe this is the best way to go for me. What I want to achieve is to build a computer (maybe not super powerful at the beginning) which will serve me for a relatively long time, let’s say around 10 years, and which I can gradually upgrade by adding more RAM, installing better CPU/GPU, installing second video card, etc. Probably it is my mistake not to mention this in the starting post.

You’re not wrong and yes, the ability to upgrade this branded build from Dell is more limited than a fully custom rig. I’ll try to post here a list of parts that you could order from this site, but it’ll probably be a bit more expensive than 60.000 Hryvnia. My post had the purpose of showing what you could get for less money, and right now, due to GPU low availability most pre-build systems have much better prices. That’s what I wanted to demonstrate with my first post, and we’re making a conversation here, you have every right to question all the suggestions made by me or others. So, good for you!

Now, let me make a list here:
Up to here the grand total is 55454 UAH.
With this monitor the grand total goes just above 63000 UAH, which is within your budget I think

If you’re a beginner in blender don’t think about adding a 2nd GPU in the future. When you are good enough and really need a 2nd GPU to boost your renders, then you’ll probably already have the money to build a new system, so don’t worry about it right now. If you insist, though, then you’ll have to change the motherboard and the PSU in the list above.
Something like this for the motherboard
and a psu like this one