Building Player

Hi :smiley: .Could someone tell me step by step , how to build a blenderplayer 2.34 for windows , because those tutorials in give me nothing :frowning: .Or maybe there is another tut for those , who never built anything from source codes?

a) I donโ€™t know why you want to build it yourself.

b) For building blender ( and the player ) from the sources look there โ€”>

c) depending on the compiler you are using there are up to 3 ! different build systems you can choose from: scons, makefiles, MSVS project files.

however scons is most likely working out of the box.


I want to disable the esc button which quits the fullscreen game , because I hate that feature :x .Many gamers are used to press the esc to just pause the game , so if they accidentaly press esc , than you know what happens :frowning: .By the way ,thanks :smiley: !

does ennyone know where i can find blender 2.25 source?

Do you have to compile to make stand alone runtimes? Does anyone know where I can get more information on them?

Oh, just save it as runtime. Nevermind.

Damn , i just dont get how to make that blenderplayer thing with the โ€œesc quitting the fullscreen gameโ€ problem disabeled :< !Could someone make one(2.34 for windows)It would be very great if someone would do it %| (i just dont want that stupid quitting after just one button press and i want to make fullscreen games)!!!

it would be a good feature

ESC quit games on\off

Yeah, why isent that feature in the game engine alredy?
Ennyway, has annyone done it yet?
I have tryed it, but i cant get it to work :frowning:

It would be Really cool if in the next version of blender there would be a choise to eather switch the esc quitting the game on or off,and if in the next version all of those biggest problems(like max 8 lights per layer) would be fixed :slight_smile: .I wonder if they are working on them!