Building Ramen

Since Ramen is not available as a binary from here, like it should be, has anyone been able to build it from the source? You can download it here

i forget, what version is it at now? still 0.8.2? if so, i got it from SOMEwhere, or i built it from source, i can’t remember. either way, i have a working copy of 0.8.2 i can upload somewhere, if you want.

That would be awesome! I believe that it is in 0.9 now, but I’m not possitive:/ i was having problems building it as cmake said it couldnt find opengl. Ramen is also be remade, if you check the github page there is ramen3 being worked on

and where would that ramen3 github page be? Have not been able to find that…

sorry for the really terrible delay, but i’ve posted a Ramen 0.8.2 build to a dropbox. i’ll PM you, kotn_.

Can you pm me too :). I want to use it as well.