Building too :)

(garbager) #1

Lots of buildings these days :wink:
This one is from my animated series project that will start effectively in September.
I plan to make this series only with free tools, and essentially with Blender, which I love, even if I use 3DSMAX in my work.
For the moment, there’s only modeling, no texturing at all, and just simples lights.
I hope by the end of the next week, I’ll be able to show you the whole street.

Regards to Blender community :slight_smile:$shh$1&Cur_Message_ID=ajk3tk$shh$1&page=1

sorry, I have no website now, so I have to link to another newsgroup.
But I’ll try to fix that soon.
For the moment you just have to click the link to JPG

(ec2) #2

Simply beautiful. Even without texture it has an incredible look and feel.
It reminds me of something out of a Batman scene.

Do you have any advice on how to model a building? I got good advice from Cativo. Maybe you have some as well.

Thanks in advance.

To avoid going to the other forum, here is the link to garbager’s building:

(ilac) #3

Nice Building. It gives me that Batman scene feeltoo. Possibly because of the ‘simple lights’. Looking foward to seeing the whole street! :smiley:

Want more:



(garbager) #4

Well thanks for the comments :slight_smile:
Actually, I plan to make some 'how to’s about various elements that will be made for the series.
For the moment unfortunately, I don’t have time to create tutorials, I just have time to sleep, work the day , work the night, and sometimes, while eating, participate at newsgroups :slight_smile:
But for first advices, it would be to search tons of photos about buildings, if possible books that relate building by period. Observe a lot.
And don’t forget to bevel a lot (but not too smooth), so the bevels takes the lights and create highligts.
If you look at my building, it’s made of very repetitive objects. It’s just that I wanted to obtain a mood that feel like Gotham city or Dark city.
Finding the mood you want to represent before working is the most important.
So I search for many books and references about buildings with a 30-40’s style.
Also, I always put everything at the maximum detail level, OSA, shadows, everything.
I know, it’s not THAT good advices, but my dinner break is over ! I promise you to explain more things on my site during Spetember.

(MrPatel) #5

Wow! That looks great! and I agree, it looks like something out of Gotham City.

(slikdigit) #6

Nice buildings! (both ilac and garbager)

(Pooba) #7

Cool building, i like it. I think it could use with some more light though.