(Cativo) #1

finally something new! :wink: ok, this is a building I was doing for the CTE…since the project is over, I decided to finish it.

(ec2) #2

That is a very nice render, very well done. Very realistic. Are the windows a texture image map?

Can you offer advice on how to model buildings of my own? My thought is to start with primitives. However I’m not sure where to go from there.
Any help would be appreciated.

Again, very nice work.

(Cativo) #3

Thanks for the reply. The windows are modelled not textured, actually I modelled the floors columns and the window railings(?). This is my first building btw…I would recommend that you start by sketching ideas of what your building is going to look like, then you may make a plan/schematic of it. Hope this helps.

(ec2) #4

That does help. Thanks. Your model is great. You are right I should go back to the basics and sketch out all of my ideas, I let too many get away.

Keep up the good work.

(lingowizard) #5

It turned out real nice. Excellent. It’s approved!

Oh, wait a sec,…there’s no more CTE. :frowning: No tears please. Didn’t want to bring back memories.

(Yes, I still lurk around these parts even though most of my time is spent with another woman - Ms. LW)

(Andy Goralczyk) #6

hey! good to see tha ESC building in action.
i suggest we should make some kind of ex- CTE artwork site… let’s see what James and WeirdHat think.


(Cativo) #7

That sounds good Andy, I’d like to see the Interceptor textured…