Builiding partly inspired by Blender Guru tutorial.
Resolution: 1100x1600.
Rendered at 300 samples.
358611 verts.

This work is very sad avoid reviews.

Very nice work.

Good work. Nice and clean. If you fix the perspective warping then you’d have a much better final product. Just the severity of it takes away from the quality of the render.

Thank you.I starter lerning blender few months ago, this is by far my biggest project.

Thanks, the sky looks great in the preview, but for some reason it warps when rendered.

Hi mirzah1h,

very nice model, well done.

You might want to fix the Camera position/Lens, since the vertical warping is probably too strong (in my humble opinion).

Keep it up!



Thanks for the advice.I’ll fix it soon.

There’s also a seam on the sky, otherwise good model and textures!

Architectural renderings typically have a “Camera Correction” for 3DS users, or a “Two Point” camera angle for Blender users. This helps the buildings look like they’re not about to fall over.

This is achieved by copying the camera, placing at an angle which makes the vertical lines perpendicular to the edge of the screen, and then using the offset feature to re-create the original placement of the camera.

Edit: too many files. Excuse strange lighting on first file.



Definitely looks better, will try…

I like it. Draws your eyes upwards to the top of th building. The scale between the ground floor and the rest seems a bit off, though. Not sure if it’s just an optical illusion due to the camera angle and wide angle perspective distortion.