Buildings of City Particle System Appear Partially Below Ground Level

I am creating a city using a particle system on a semi-circle. I modeled a few different buildings and put them in a group to accomplish this. But the one major problem that I can’t figure out how to resolve is that the buildings are always midway underground. They are coming out of both sides of the plane and I can’t figure out how to move them up where they are just coming out of the top. I have the building group on a separate layer and have tried moving it around on all different axis with no changes to the particle system. It does, however, react to the group being rotated, but this does not help me. I even tried extruding a box down from the base of the buildings. I thought that it must have been putting the plane in the middle of the buildings. But the buildings remained in the same place. I opened up a new blender window and tried it out with a group of cubes acting as a particle system on a plane and a full circle. But the same issue happens. The planes are midway through both objects. Attached you can see the issue I am having with the buildings as well as my particle system settings on the right.

Hard to know for sure without seeing the settings you are using but you probably need to move the origin (orange dot) of your objects to the base. You can do this by putting the object into edit mode, selecting all the vertices and then moving them up until the orange dot is aligned with the bottom vertices.

Thank you so much! That completely fixed the problem.