Buildings (OpenTTD) we need more artists

Hey guys, i am organising the Graphcis redevelopment of OpenTTD an open source transport game.

we currently have a few artist working on thing like buildings, vehicles, bridges… but we need more.

these are some of the things a guy called Dmh_mac has made already they are all done in Blender. (he is an amasing artist.)

the stuff that i have done (and actually completed, or almost completed) is this…

the project is pretty much just starting, but we need people to donate (GPL or a CC license we have made) their buildings that they have done, vehicles they have done (everything but cars)…

or you can join the project and start helping.

talk to me or go to and go to the OTTD section down the page

thanks guys.


i can try to help (not that i have anything better to do). but i think the things there are way above my level! do you need them to be textured for the game engine or can i just use normal materials?

oh, well its actually a 2d “pre-rendered” game, so high polies are fine. we are all a bit anti 3d game engines for this game (the devs are)

the images you see there can be put straight into the game as they are now (it will use .png images)


well i got something for ya (weee, my first bridge), so before i’ll move on to materials, tell me what you want to be changed, and if there is a chance you’ll use it. also what’s the image size and angle you want?

Well the first step (for things like bridges especially) is to play the game and learn how things work…

because its a tile based game, you cannot just include a bridge. you need the bridge to be chopped up into many many pieces (one piece per tile) and these then get put otgether by the game.

bridges are one thing we have yet worked out how to do (with the new GFX engine we are making) so unfortunatly we can’t really do bridges yet (we could but would need someone to basicly work out how to do bridges at the same time)

things we can do now are.

Vehicles, Trucks-trains-boats-buses-planes-helicopters
special effects, smoke, lightning…

i am trying to find people who are interested, then we actually have some specified standards for things like lighting setup, scale of objects, materials… :wink:

if you are interested in helping i can get all the info for you to start making some items, but it will require knowing the standards before starting work… (buildings are kinda easy since the standards are rather loose compared to other areas.)


oh ok…so tell me

Well I’m certainly intrested in this project.

What do you need done and helped with?
Does the models need to be textured or do we just give you the .blend and you finish them off?

I think I could give a try. (because that looks so great :smiley: )
I don’t have the time right now, but i’ll look at it tonite.

I agree, it will be easier if you (Alltaken) tell us what buildings you need/want.

They need png’s, it was said above. Game is pseudo 3d - you have isometric view and you can turn onlu 90 degree, so actually they need at least one png. I think the best would be four (Alltaken if I’m not right please correct me :]).

Other thing is do you make only one theme for now or are you thinking of more?

Btw. I love TTD and the idea of OpenTTD is great :]

I know its .png files needed for the game. But if each person working on there models takes an image of it and you try to match them up with the rest of the tiles it will look odd.

So to make it easier, it would be best for one person to finish of the models setting up the angle of the camera etc for each model. This will help the model/tiles to merge in with each other.

Although I dont have any idea how OpenTTD does it.

Alltaken please fill in the gaps. :smiley: to stop us from guessing.

Ok first step to do is to get the game (search the forums, and search abandonware websites)

play the game for a wee while to work out things :smiley: (that is kind important)

second step is to download the default Lighting setups for (currently Buildings and Vehicles)

(the main wiki page is here

These lighting setups are done to a 2 x 2 squares = 25m x 25m (real life terms) = one tile in OTTD

so everything is to be modeled in the bounds of 2x2 squares as the minimum unit. 2x4 4x4… (doesn’t need to be a rectangle as the lumber mill showed)

Third step

model your stuff, and add materials we will have some standardised materials, so we may change your materials later (only things like ground materials… most other things we would leave the same)

Forth step

show off One of your renders here, and at the forums. to get critique on it. so we can get you to keep improving things, and everyone can goo OoOooO AAaaaaAaaa :wink:

Delivaerables (per item)

we need at the end of this, the .Blend file (under either the GPL license or a CC license that we have) ready to be rendered.

we need to know the name of the lighting setup file you used…

since the game is still not ready to take these GFX (will be early next year i hope) we would love one or two renders to see. but they don’t need to be ready for going into the game.

we can then sort out all the fine details about getting your files into the game.

only files under the GPL license will possibly be distributed with the game. the CC licensed ones will be downloadable from the official website. any other licenses (like copyright) will not be considered.

since they will hopefully be GPL, we will possibly change a few things to make all GFX look kind of similar. so don’t be offended or suprised if you download the game next year and your GFX are in it but a bit changed.

also we want your name, and contact details (if you want that shared) to give you credit for your creations.

BTW nto all GFX will be distributed by default with the game. the ones that are going to be distributed will be choosen by a panel of coders and GFX devs (and me), but the other GFX will be downloadable from the official website.

any more questions?

p.s. yes four angles for buildings.

and p.s. one more thing. buildings we need still are.

Power plant
coal mine
ore mine
steel mill
oil rig
oil refinery
office blocks
stadium x2 (2x3 and 3x4 squares, both with soccer fields and grid iron fields)

we need a huge number of buildings.

thanks guys.