hi all!
i’m makeing a short film for my 11 year old sister for her birthday (in november). i’ve got some characters and i’m struggleing to make the buildings and background. for example, one scene is in a castle and the film shows both inside and out. how should i make it? should it be 2 seperate models or 1 big one? and if one big one, how do i join the inside and out? then what about the sceary outside (sorry if i have spelt that wrong). all together, it would end up being huge and i only have 4gb (my pc died and i’m useing another computer so i can’t save anything on it and i’m useing a thumbdrive).

It depends on the level of detail in the scene really. If its not terribly hi-poly you could get away with making the scene as one object. However I highly recommend that you don’t do that and do it as two separate models instead.

You make it just like they do in real life. Only model what your going
to see and build them in Movie Sets. There is no point in modeling a whole Castle if
there are only going to be a few parts inside and out. If there is a room then you make a Room Set.
Then if there is a hall then you make a Hall Set in either a different scene in your blender file
or make a completely new file for each Set.

as i said, i don’t have much space but i whant to have several rooms and show the characters moveing from one to the other.