Built in game properties in 2.5, they appear to now have value limits?

So say I have this code

act.force=(own[‘Accuracy’]*0.33, own[‘power’]*2.5, own[‘height’]*1.3)

The Force on the Y axis is determined how fast the object goes forward based on the amount of power you give it with the mouse, then it multiplies the power to get the final speed.

-In 2.49 this piece of code works perfect on what it’s supposed to do, there’s no limit on the value for Y-force.

-In 2.5 later SVN revisions there seems to now be a limit on how the value for each axis can go, it can go up at first, but then it will max out at 1000, remember this is the exact same code as in 2.49 but now the force property has a limit for how high you can set the value for each axis. The object can no longer be sent at very high speeds and cripples the game.

Were the limits on purpose or a mistake in the Blender code, for what one of my games do this is a pretty low ceiling considering the actuator runs for just 1 logic tic.

Nothing should have changed in this regard. =/

If you’re referring to limits from the new logic brick UI, that limits are artificial ones placed by RNA. However, these should not affect the ones settable by scripts.

Then why is it then when I create a debug property and set it equal act.force[1] it doesn’t go higher than 1000?

I’d possibly give you the 2.5 version of the game to look at but it’s getting late here and I need sleep.

I do remember when I copied the entire script to 2.49b from 2.5, the same problem was there, but when I copied it to 2.49b in pieces to try to find the problem area of code, nothing was wrong. I don’t know what could’ve been lost in translation to the new API that would’ve caused it?