Bulb - Rendered in Cycles

Light bulb :slight_smile:


It need a Solidify modifier… It seem to be full of water or some liquid.
Good render and modeling by the way!

You are right :slight_smile: I actually forgot the solidify modifier. And because of that you cannot even see the black base plate

Will upload the new render the moment it is done. Already started it :slight_smile:

Probably you’ll lost the caustics, but you can render it in another layer and compound it later…

Can you explain this little more. I will render two images. One without solidify modifier and one with it?

And then compound how?

Elaboration would be appreciated. Am interested to know

First I want to thanks Leo Blanchete for his bulb model I’m using in this post: http://www.lb3d.com/products-page/free-3d-models/free-lightbulb-3d-model-by-leo-blanchette/

You’ll need 3 renders:

Bulb with caustics (without solidify modifier)

Bulb without caustics (with solidify modifier)

Index Object of the floor

And some ease composition… (show you in the next post…)

Composition reference (self explained):

The only especial point about it is the RGB curves correction. I’m using it to mix between the floor with and without caustic before composing it with bulb with solidify image, seems to me that caustics are a bit strong…

Any doubt, let me know.

Regards, Daniel.

Thanks Man.

I tried something simpler by fluke. So here is what I did.

Create two render layers

In the first one the glass with solidify modifier and rendered

In the second one, the glass with no solidify modifiers. And in object panel, I checked off the glass camera visibility, diffuse, specular

Clicked both the layers and rendered

And then combined both the renders using Z-Combine :slight_smile: And it created the same result

First it looked like it was filled with liquid but with the solidify modifier it sure looked better

Just learned how to do bulbs correctly thanks to this thread.

Question on the filament. Shouldn’t there be a delineation where the leads end and the filament begins.

Still looks great and taught me a lot.

Whoops, looking at example not post. Post has filament perfect.

I don’t understand why the bulb with solidify modifier doesn’t produce correct caustics as well. Why do you have to fake it with the “filled” one? can you explain that?

Who says the caustics are incorrect?
This is how it works with thin glass, as opposed to a solid glass object. The caustics are barely noticeable because the light rays go almost straight through the glass. That is normal and not incorrect.

For me the composite one with the caustics from the solid light bulb looks fake.

Here are some photos of real light bulbs. None of these has such heavy caustics.

Simplest way to check that is if you just take lightbulb and see yourself how light behaves - you would need a very sharp and strong light to produce any visible caustics witch object like that.

I hope tahsen wouldn’t mind if i put this here. I think this is quite close if you aim for corectness.

Looks great, I love how soft the lighting setup is