i´ve been working on this project and i would like some feedback, the bulbasuar and the grass in the lower part are entirely made with blender. Thanks

my suggestion would be to put some more work into the model to get Bulbasaur’s shape right. Right now it looks like a rough model with subdivision surface applied and therefore like a blob. There is a great and simple model on sketchfab that you can use as a reference: Bulbasaur - Download Free 3D model by fongoose - Sketchfab

Just try to keep the mesh simple, get Bulbasaur’s distinct shapes and the silhouette right. It will look much better!

hi @thehood thanks i will keep your advice in mind, the thing is that i wanted to represent my vision of Bulbasaur, i will define more the shapes of the body, like you said, and keep up the work, but this is not intended to be a normal bulbasaur.

It’s beautiful! The leaves on back look a bit like a texture on sphere = flat, geometrically modeling them out can enhance the effect!