Bulgaria, what makes this country great?

Well hello all!

I’m planning on going on a holiday in this country, and it looks very promising, but what does it make great according to YOU?
What are the reasons you visited this country?

I can mention a few:
Hot springs
Friendly (or they tell me)
Sea-Party/Nature and culture (if you know where to look).

All things that attract me (but fit the most countries lol)

And remember:
I don’t want to hear why I MUSN’T travel there.
Flame somewhere else…

And are there some Bulgarians here who are idolate about there country?

How about exotic? To me travelling to Bulgaria or Eastern Europe would be an exotic trip. If you get out of the touristy spots, you’d get to see into another culture and what people of a foreign country are about. Just a traveler’s viewpoint.