Bull for a tattoo

Hello everybody

I finished a small job for a tattoo artist friend. He needs an image with a bull, so after a few tests this is the final image he choose. Modeled with Zbrush, rendered in Blender and post with Photoline
Comments and critics are very welcome, hope you like it!

Nice work, good anatomy. pretty well done

thanks for your comment Ride, the model could be better, but it meets the client neediings, so I think it’s ok.
here other images taken from the same project.

pretty cool model. Although is this exact thing meant to be a tattoo? The contrast doesn’t seem high enough in a few details of the original render.

I do not believe you did such an exceptional modeling and rendering so weak, you are so fucking culpt the knife high in a render type 8000 pixel makes it al Fodastico and assure that goes to the page footer

WOW I really like it!

interesting how u didn’t use hair particle but instead sculpted in the flow the bulls fur