Bulldog - an organic modelling exercise


I’m trying to take my not-so-professional organic modelling skills to a new level. I’ve been reading some stuff about sub-d modelling, poles, edgeloops and so on. Now I’m trying to put all that in practise by modelling a bulldog. I started with the head and decided to post it immediately because it’s easier to do major changes in an early phase if I’m doing something completely wrong.

So I’d like to have crits especially about topology and edgeloops. I’m not aiming for full photorealism here but just trying to make a “professional” looking model.


It looks very good, IMO, but you should try to keep an edgeloop topology more suitable for animation; in the end, it shouldn’t be much different from a human face base topology (I’m talking about the flow of the edges, of course, not the shape). At the moment it looks good, besides bottom edgeloops around the eyes; let’s see the mouth area.

the nose looks nice, altho I spot two tris that can be joined into a quad

I am not good enough (yet) to say anything definitive about face loops or poles, but I think that form is good.

The mesh does looks relatively clean, although I think I see 4 poles in there.

It looks very nice. Very organic. The topology is nice and it is very usable for anymation. Nice flow of the face/ edge loops. It looks very profesional. No crits whatsoever.

EnV: Thanks, I fixed the eye. Cool to have comments from one of the greats who got me excited about blender couple of years ago. I watched that dinosaur walkcycle over and over again. :smiley:

Yoeri: Those tris actually behave better as tris… There is a lot more distortion if I make it a quad. I think I’ll let them stay since they are not in a bad spot.

Thanks for comments pikseli and toontje too.

Here’s a small update… I edited some loops and completed the mouth. The cheek is now a loop so it should animate nicely if needed.


Well I don’t agree with Env about the loops around the eye. In the first image the loop was correct for animation. In organic modeling, relying too much on only concentric loops tends to make your model look noobish. Instead of circular loops, try spiral loops or 2 nested C-loops.

Why do I think the second image has less appeal? First because of the geometry, it looks less than a bulldog compared with the first image. Also a dog can’t emote with their eyes (orbicularis ocula) like humans do. In the other hand, the loops of the eyes in the first picture are flowing right to the mouth flaps making it better animatable because the dog can snarl without distorting the eyes (like real dogs do).

In the second image, it is a little more difficult to make the dog retract the moutflaps to make in snarl because the topology under the eyes are not flowing to accomodate this. Furthermure because of the closed loop around the eyes, you get humanlike lower eyelid poses.
The mouth is looking great though.

I like tris. Tris can make wrinkles and folds and crumpled stuff too.

I have been reading up on topology/flow. I wish I could understand why toontje says what he says. To me it looks very nice now, but then again I dont understand how the first one would make the upper cheek flow any better than this second one. I guess I will get it when I start animating.

Then again, for a still model I suppose it doesnt matter as much as misplaced trianges.

Joo ota siitä selvä! Kyllä se dokilta näyttää! :wink:

Some more tweaking (I’m still not done with the face)… These are with camera lens set to 60 so little bit more orthogonal to see the model better.

I’m a bit confused but I tend to agree with toontje about the eye loop. It looks better when it’s not closed. I think I’ll let it be like this for a while and try to do the ears next.


@ toontje: I think the first pic looks more like a bulldog because of the angle

The Bottom Lip needs to Protrude more

Ahem, I don’t agree with Toontje.:slight_smile:
All the mammals have orbicular muscles around the eyes, so the edgeloops in that area should be kept for better animation purposes. But in this case, due to the big folders, maybe this is not so important.
And, it’s difficult to judge the edgeloops for the mouth 'cause of the big cheeks, a render with an open mouth could be better for this. You could just make a quick rig of the head and mouth, just two bones with two vertex groups to check deformation.
My two cents.

I think the top of the head looks a bit too tall, but I could be wrong. I would also caution you about your model getting to “smooth”/without hard edges. You’re doing a pretty good job against getting that worn-down/sandblasted look, but I think the area right above the eyes could use a bit of work.

Reference photos, if you want them:

Good work!

hi, if its not too much trouble, can you please post a screenshot of the model without subsurf? I always wondered how these models would look that way, thanks