Bulldog (hand gun) with hand painted Depth of Field

my old picture
DoF painted in Photoshop:)

Extremely good realism you’ve achieved, it could almost be a photo.

Besides there being too much noise in the render (unless this was deliberate), I honestly can’t offer any crits. Great work! :slight_smile:

Looks like you scanned it out of a magazine. Did you?

If so, could we see the original.

But from what I see. Excellent work! :smiley:

Redbyte: I hope that you are kidding. Endi has always done excellent work and believe me that this image is something he is definately capable of.

:slight_smile: “I love it.Excellent lighting , textures & photoshoping.Great detial…”

old topic

Very nice.

I only would like to see some bumps and scratches on the gun. Not only bump maps but also some places where it is less shiny.

its nice, and very realistic, but i think the texture is way to much. it looks like somebody dipped it in oil to get all those different colors. make them more subtle, and do what nico said, and itll be perfect. but thats just my $0.02

But again, if he did that, he wouldn’t have an image done in the endi-style, but have a photorealistic image which many people are able to create, so why would he like to do that?

Amazing Work!!!
Could you please explain how you get that DOF in Photoshop?

Thank you in advance

wow… i mean wow that is amazing work. i really like how its rendered looks like an old picture. hmm i can’t say much about it bad :slight_smile:

A bit too shiney. Looks like it’s covered in slime. Otherwise it’s very nice work.

Damn. Honstly there’s not much else to say. Great job, I love the style of the peice.


Holy… :o
simply amazing…
I have no crits whatsoever… I aspire to one day be able to create an image like that. :o

I love everything but the trigger. Something doesn’t seem right about it…

But I realize this is very old work so too late for that :slight_smile: Excellent job Endi. Won any competitions lately?

with blur tool
and after this, I added noise, because the blur tool erases the noise

Awesome work, you did a pretty good DoF impression by hand :).

Wow looks fantastic :smiley: Don’t see any crits.

Excellent modelling. I think the gun and bullets are very good. The handle seems to be coming away from the gun a bit but that adds to the old look. 2 things are bothering me:

  1. the DOF because it seems too linear. Like as though there are 3 walls of blurriness instead of a depth based blurriness. Maybe that’s because you did it manually and without depth info. Also, I feel that DOF is used for the wrong reasons - to make a cool effect, instead of focussing the eye on the important elements in the scene. Here the DOF only allows about 1/3rd of the gun to be focussed.

  2. the background. The base where the gun sits is fine but I’m not sure about the walls or at least where they meet the base.

Nice style though.

liked the old one a lot more. good work anyways :slight_smile: