Bullet and Game Characters.

Bullet is a very good physics engine but it’s not good for the most games. There is no way to climb stairs to slide downhill and more.
OverAll BULLET without a proper collision detection and responce object for characters it’s only usable for games without humanlike characters.
The new vertion of blender is comming. In one month we will have it. My question is. Are we going to have an collision object suitteble for humanlike characters or we will have to wait more? Right now I am trying to create an adventure game and I need all the functionality that can be found in Solid library. Do I have to move on another Game Engine ( Panda3D look good but first I have to find out the collision system of it how it works ) or step back to a previus Blender vertion with functional Sumo?
I need to know all this as I am at the stage of designing my game and Collision detection for me is a very important subject as the way I design scenes , interactions , walkpaths and almost everything needs a good knowledge of the collision lib that I am going to use.

I think erwin is working to have character support in the next release.

I’ve been discussing it with him and he seems to be planning on it.

However, I cannot say for sure as I am not erwin!

Sumo still works in 2.42a…

You can get almost all the old sumo functionality to work with bullet.

You just have to know python, do a bit of thinking and write the appropriate workarounds.

That said, I do agree that function continuity is something that the main devs should concentrate on a bit more.

I was going to start a similar thread recently but I’m glad someone else did. I was trying to figure out myself. If I use a big cube for the physics, and parent the char to it, it works alright. But if it gets tipped over, you’re screwed. Python, social, does work, but why can’t it just work the way it’s supposed to?

As I said, I’ve talked with erwin closely on this subject, and from what he’s said to me, I think he intends to implement a “character physics” toggle button soon, if not in the next version.