Bullet and Plane

So i’ve got a canon on top of my hummer.

But, the bullets (an ico sphere) doesn’t detect when it collides with a plane. It works when i make the bullet go slowly, but when i make it as fast as bullet should be, it just goes through,

Any ideas on how to bypass this problem?


im not realy shure about how to make it but first try to raise Damp about 0.7 and then go in advanced and raise the margin of your sphere in the same place you raise the margin you can raise the clamp velocity of your object, play with this settings I think that can work.
good luck

But to do that, i would have to make it a rigid body or dynamic. I would much prefer a bullet that goes in a straight line without falling. Unless i played is as an ipo…

You do not want to try to simulate bullets with dynamic/rigid body objects; bullets move much too fast.
It’s best to use Python to perform raycasting for your bullets.
You could perhaps do it with logic bricks with some clever use of ray sensors.