Bullet + Armature + Rot = Freakout?!?

I can’t get this stupid thing to work! Geez, all I want is for the box that the character, armature, and an extra empty are parented to rotate to the left and right, respectively. No matter what I do, it just freaks out. Can anyone help me get my character to rotate?:spin:

make sure the armature is set to no collision and with the mesh make sure it is no collision or set to ghost. If you are using an older blender version you may have to set the faces on the mesh to no-collision as well as make it into a ghost.

in general, things going crazy, or exploding is usually a sign that you have a a ridgid body, or dynamic solid inside of another solid.

posting a blender file in the future will give you better results.

Still not working. Here you go:

Open and press the left arrow.

Got it working: Apply the Scale and Rot (Alt+A) on my bounding box. I should have known. I ran into this problem all the time while I was learning realtime softbodies.