bullet bug list

I was thinking, maybe we should keep a bullet bug list and then have one of us report them rather than a whole bunch of us reporting, plus we can have others check to see if it’s really a bug. What does everyone think?

Bugs so far:
radar sensor doesn’t work(armature character flies off screen)
ray sensor doesn’t work(never shows a positive for me, unless I’m doing something wrong)
message actuator gives 2 positives(haven’t checked this on this release, yet)
I’m not sure if this last one could be called a bug, but sensors are only activated by actors. So all walls in my game have to be made actors so I can sense them.


Yes it is good idea, and would be make this thread to Sticky!

please post the .blend files for checking for that is a realy bug.

and if it is the realy bug we can post to the bug tracer here


I can’t access your bug tracer link for some reason, but that’s a good idea about posting a blend with bugs so more than one person can verify. Probably we should have a blend for each bug posted. i’ll make some blends for the ones I supplied.

I also think it’s a great idea… (including the posting of blends for checking) can then pass on the info without irratating the devopers as much!

I’ve found a bug when using multiple maps… I have shader(materail) that uses 3 maps… eg. layer 1 stones, layer 2 normal map, layer 3 height map… It somehow unloads the maps on the lower layers… and I keep having to reload them.

Unsure if this is a bug, but it sure messes a lot of things up…The spin for DRot (and maybe other rotation movements) has been reversed. So, if you turn left using DRot in Sumo, it’ll turn you right in Bullet.

What a joke. I noticed that Drot was reversed when I tryed a FPS game in bullet. How does that even happen?

good idea
look for this i think this kind of bug
You have to activate dynamic for collision run in bullet and you don’t have in sumo
this meen you have to meck all object dynamic

samas: You don’t have to make it dynamic, but it does have to be an actor. At least that’s what I’ve found. I think it should be reported because it’s a lot of work to make scenery objects actors just to get the collision sensor to work, unless they did it for engine speed or something.

i honestly think we should expand the topic. talking about all bugs for blender. and solutions we find.

Then people would just say to put them in the bug tracker, Plus Erwin sometimes reads topics like this.

Please use the bug tracker, but check for duplicate issues.

I will setup some page that makes it easier to find known issues:


Sumo will be deprecated/removed in the future, so please focus on Bullet.

Can we all help to close the very old issues in the bug tracker that are fixed/not relevant?



I think we should have a sticky for the bugtracker. I didn’t even know about it until this thread. Where do stickies come from anyway? I know we shouldn’t have too many, but the bugtracker should be one of them.

Stickies come from staff members.

That bugtracker looks like a “dark closet” to me. I mean there is still stuff from 2004 in there.

Anyway, I think I found another bug.

Adding linv to an object on the y axis, seems to override the effects of gravity.

So if you had an object to move off a plane by applying linv, it wouldnt start falling until you let go of the “forward” key.

We need your help to clean up this closet :slight_smile:
Really, once the bug tracker is up to date, it’s the best way to keep track of bugs. Forum postings are not a good way to organize it.

I hope someone of you can help with this task.

All I can do is add new bugs. (Right?)

I don’t know weather or not all those issues from 2004/5/6 have been solved, so there is no way for me to tell what is or isn’t supposed to be there.

How exactly can I help to “clean up the closet”?

to know if they’ve been solved goto release logs for the blender version


You could visit the bug tracker, and try to find bugs that are already fixed, and mail the #bugnumber with a description that it has been fixed to bugs at erwincoumans.

We need to get rid of the 2 year old bugs, from a period that no-one fixed them :wink:

You could visit the bug tracker, and try to find bugs that are already fixed, and mail the #bugnumber with a description that it has been fixed to bugs at erwincoumans.
Don’t you think you should just drop everything before 2006? The whole thing looks pretty depressing to me since no one was even assigned to fixing these bugs except for a few. Why should we bother posting them? Also, is there a place to upload a blend file? A small blend file should be included which displays the bug. Anyway, to be honest, I’d have to see more than 10 assignments in the last 2 years to actually bother posting something.

Edit: I guess the second page with more recent posts looks better. I think it’s time to delete the first page so people don’t get the wrong idea.