Bullet bug?

Hi all

Everytime I drop an object at a certain angle and at a certain speed it will fall through the scenery!

Everything is a triangle mesh hull, all scale 1, played with physics substeps…nothing works! Its strange as at other speeds and angles the objects interact normally.

It will be difficult to simplify the blend but has anyone else come across this? This is on 2.63.4.



How large is the object? Bullet has problems with small objects. You could try giving the object a bigger collision mesh.

The meshes are scaled to real life assuming 1 b/u = 1m:

The gun object is about 15 b/u long, whilst the landscape is about 1000 b/u square. For a while I thought it might be the large scale, but it was not this at all. I have tried all collision hull types but it makes no difference.

EDIT: downloaded a new build (46347) and the problem has not happened again- yet…but thanks for the advice SolarLune.