Bullet Demo Contest

Thanks for the great contributions! Everyone is a winner in some way, but there are not enough prizes to give away, so here are the lucky ones that are chosen. For the others: thanks again, and your game has been on display at SIGGRAPH 2006 Blender Booth!

1st - Club Silo has won the Sony Playstation Portable, congratulations!

2nd - Ozon Forces won the second prize, which means a COLLADA book and one free license to this Online Virtual Galery App: http://www.candointeractive.com/art

3rd - Lisboa Gas Express. A free license to Online Virtual Galery App.

4rd - Bullet Physics Pinball (Stella) . A free license to Online Virtual Galery App.
Winners will be contacted soon.

Check the games for the contest here
http://www.continuousphysics.com/mediawiki-1.5.8/index.php?title=Entries and/or
check out the 16Mb video (mpeg) of all games in the PSP contest:
http://www.continuousphysics.com/ftp/pub/test/index.php?dir=blender/BulletGameContest/&file=pspmovie_mini2.mpg and

VOTING ENDED for the ‘Build a Cool Blender Physics Game - Win a PSP’ Contest !



Prizes include a Sony Playstation Portable and a virtual art galary app and a COLLADA book.

Erwin & Malachy

whoa, id definately be interested in something like this.

What really? A PSP portable. Geez, I was going to be in either way, but that’s a nice incentive to finish somethings that’s started. Lol, there’s history of games being started, but never getting quite complete.

I’m in for the incredible machine or something of that type. Was planning to go towards making it http://bcgp.dyndns.org/modules/newbb/viewtopic.php?topic_id=88&forum=17. Haven’t started, since I was waiting for bullet to get more bug free.

Great work on the bug fixes, but there’s still 1 bug in bullet that needs to be fixed, well that I noticed anyways. The near sensor isn’t fixed yet. Probably could work around that, but hey never know what cool things you could do with it in the contest.

Umm… is there an end date to the contest?

Jason Lin

that pisses me off they copied my armadillos game :stuck_out_tongue:


With regard to the game entries, you should try to make a physical game template that pushes certain parts of the game engine ( and possibly even breaks it, so that Erwin has a .blend file to fix it! )

There are two main goals… to get more Bullet physics demos for Erwin to test, and also to have some potential additional GE demos to ship with Blender.

The template chould be a basic gameplay mechanic ( eg rolling / jumping a ball around ), where new GE users can just add in additional geometry to adjust the existing level, and the game would continue to work.

A number of the entered game template .blend files could then be shipped with Blender, to allow future GE users to modify and extend them.

My prizes will be free licenses for a virtual art gallery app that my company has produced ( http://www.candointeractive.com/art - not as fancy as Erwins PSP, but it might be useful to some of you :slight_smile: )


Link to online Shockwave ( PC and Mac ) art exhibition ( showing Blender March 2006 artwork ) created using the software ( NOTE - when you click on an image, hold down mouse button and drag to rotate the artwork )

Full-screen link

Here are a few more physical game template ideas…

  • Simulating a bowling alley ( having different styles of pins, applying an impulse to a ball right at the start to knock them over )
  • Having a Super Monkey / Marble Madness sphere type game
  • Move a character object around a level, with moving platforms
  • Using Erwins new physical vehicle code, make some crazy stunt levels!
  • Set up a ragdoll to fall through extreme levels
  • A FPS template ( Erwin has mentioned working on a dedicated one, but having a generic example that can be currently used would be great )
  • A 3rd person platformer


And there’s also BMX and snowboarding that can be tried. For the marble madness game you could use the build Erwin set up for me in his forum, it has one of the big things you might need and that is some sort of restitution.


Can we, Linux users still have the PSP as a prize? :slight_smile:

Sounds really interesting. I may give it a try.

Have the issues with Bullet and sliding objects been resolved/fixed? The last I tried Bullet for this, my objects still “vibrated” a fair bit, but it’s been a while. Do the new builds still do this?

I’ve since moved to a different engine for my ship’s sim, and was going to wait for “buoyancy” in Bullet before I gave it another try with BGE. But if someone else has gotten sliding objects to work, I’m up for giving it another try. Anyone?

In the latest previews just give the objects a very low friction value and they will slide.

There is not much vibration/jitter in Bullet demos. The amount of vibration is similar or less then commercial physics engines. Only mis-use results in vibration/jitter. One of the reasons of the contest is to find out the limitations and rules for succesfull application for physics. Don’t set friction to zero, don’t make objects too small, don’t use big mass ratios or size rations, etc. etc.

Preview 22 demos should show stable physics, useful enough for basic games that the contest is looking for.

Ship buoyancy, character control, snowboarding (like skate-girl demo) will supported at earliest from 2.43. Please don’t ask for those features in 2.42.

Entries in the contest categories will get priority for bug-fixes.


At least:

  1. Mini game using Bullet physics
  2. Including score mechanism / end of game
  3. Focus on game play and fun

PSP can only be won for an entry that is in one of the following categories. If some category is missing, please let me know.

  • Marble madness / Marble Blast (See http://www.garagegames.com/ )
  • Bowling game with pinns and a track. Required to feedback the score (number of fallen pinns)
  • Pool / Snooker (with pool table, aiming, and scoring mechanism)
  • Incredible Machines, Armadillo style game, with money for scoring
  • Driving/Vehicle/Racing game using Bullet vehicle, including ‘best time so far’
  • Midget golf (including restart, next-hole, number of tries)


Dear Ewin,

Sorry you misunderstood my post. I wasn’t asking for buoyancy, as you have made it perfectly clear on numerous occasions that this was not going to be put into 2.42. I was just asking about sliding objects and vibrations, which Icoxo’s post implied was now possible with the later builds.

Since I’ve moved my ship’s sim to a different engine (as my first post states) and am now working with that engine, I haven’t had the time to test the latest BGE builds, and Icoxo’s post caught my attention. I have other projects in the wings, other than the ship’s sim, and BGE will always be a consideration as a development tool.

Erwin, I applaud and appreciate your work on the Bullet physics engine, but that doesn’t give you the right to scold me or criticize my coding skills on a public forum.

You must have misunderstood, I’m not scolding or criticizing your coding skills. It’s probably better for you to use another engine for ship simulation at the moment.


hmmm… sounds interesting, ppl should make a demo that really pushes and shows off the new features (not sure of all of them myself) but i know theres good car physics and the ability to stack objects. so maybe some sort of stacking game…

perhaps you could list all the new features and which ones u’d like to see in a demo?

i’ve made a pretty good pool game without bullet, so i dont think that would be considered taking advantage of its new features.
i could probably convert this game to use bullet, but i’m not sure if i’d be a worthy entry.
bowling would be okay i guess, since the pins will react like pins instead of spheres.

it would be awesome if someone could kinda recreate a game like carmageddon, if anyone knows it, the car physics in it were great, amazing collisions, but i’d take alot of work.

I’d say you should convert the pool game to Bullet, he wants demos using Bullet, about carmeggedon, I think he mainly wants a game prototype with all the needed features for that type and probably a level to show what it does.

I looked at preview no. 22 and I thought the bullet house was impressive. I also tried the same scene in 2.41 and found there’s was a noticable speedup. I can’t wait to see new possibilities when character support and compounds are added in after 2.42 (i’m thinking a dynamic tram running down a wire at high speed or making pickup trucks using vehicle physics that holds objects in the back:) )

This is a great idea, I will be participating for sure, although I have a couple questions…

What do you mean by “required to feedback”? Do you mean sending the bowling ball back after you toss it?
Also, what will be the dead line?

What about - driving stunt games? That demo that was built after you did the basic vehicle that had loop de loop, jumps etc. was fun. Also that trampoline game that guy was doing with Ogre was quite cool. So it would be nice to have a possible section for unique/creative entries on a case by case basis.


My parented armature to box character still doesn´t work

how soon will this be fixed


some thoughts:

What I fear a bit is that the entries will be poked and “hacked” until they work with the current state of physics.

I.e. the bowling game until it “looks and feels” good. However I think the proportions mass/size of the pins and the ball, together with the track lenght should be at least similar to the real world.

Not that we end with a good looking game having a one ton ball with 1kg pins or such.

What I want to achive is that a user can model a scene with a 1kg ball (or whatever a bowling ball weights?) and pins and count on the physic to simulate it ok.

As long we don’t have real units in Blender its probably best to use 1BE==1m or such.