bullet destroying objects

how can i make it to were when i shoot the bullets collide with certain objects and they break apart

umm thats nearly imposible. What i would do is have the certain objects add the broken objects using replace mesh. then let the broken objects fall. or there is another way, you could have the broken objects inside the breakable one. say its a box. have the broken box parts inside the box and then delete the box. idk it would be hard.

well the reason i was asking is because it was done on blender cookie using code but i was wondering if there was a way to do it with out the code

with a desired effect? cant be done sorry

yea it breaks apart when he shoots at the cube and it breaks apart

ok i got the bullet colison to work the way i need it to so now i just have to watch the tutorial on making it break apart it was just that his bullet spawn is in code and mine isn’t so that’s why i was having the issue but i got the problem fixed just needed to make the mass on the cube turned down.

You can use the fracture add-on, make the Cube into 10’pieces and move them to layer 2. Now make it so when the Bullet collides with the cube, the cube adds the fractured objects and ends itself.

yea that’s ecatly what i was talking about

Very easy to fake.


destruction.blend (90.7 KB)