Bullet droping help.

Well I have searched all over and could find nothing. I am trying to make a bullet drop on a table and bounce once or twice. the bouncing and dropping I have down. but seeing as it is set to a be a softbody, when it hits the table it wiggles slightly (sort of like jello). Is there anyway to make softbodys completely stiff? and if not does anyone know a solution?

EDIT: Sorry, almost forgot to ad settings, these are the bullet shells current settings. the plane is default, with dampening reduced a little.

You want rigid bodies, not soft bodies. With your bullet model selected, click the little button that kind of looks like a purple pac-man. Click actor, dynamic, and rigid body. Set bounds type to Convex Hull Polytype. Now select your table, and click actor. Hit the P key to watch your bullet fall. Hit esc to exit the simulation. When you are done tweaking the settings to get the results you want, go to the game menu at the top of the screen and select Record Game Physics to IPO and Enable All Frames. Run the sim with the P key once more. Once the bullet stops moving, hit esc. Hit alt+A to view your animation.

Thank you that was just what i was looking for. :slight_smile: