Bullet effect problem

does anyone know how to make a nice looking warp effect (like warp after a bullet). i’ve managed to do it, but my result changes from exelent to crapy when the warp passes a black area.

Sorry for not writing a very good explanation for my problem, i’m late for work :(.

M@dcow had a tutorial explaining how to do that using the warp sequence plugins and particles. I’m not sure if it’s stil online though, maybe you should ask him directly.


yeah, thats the tutorial i learned how to make the warp. I need that effect one a movie that some friends and I am making… we kinda have a deadline to fullfill for school, so i’m kinda in a hurry… please help…

I will start by saying I haven’t worked through that tut, so I’m just guessing here.

Would things look any better if the bullet effect were rendered on a different layer and composited onto the background render that has the black area? Maybe the 2d composite could get you past a 3d issue.

If not, hey, at least I had a thought. Doesn’t happen often.