Bullet Emit problems

I have a box parented to my pistol, and it emits bullets when i click left mouse.
If i put the bullet physical properties to “STATIC” it shoots from gun but when
it makes contact with “COLLISION BOX” on the zombie it sends it flying LOL.

So i tried making the bullet a “DYNAMIC” but now the bullet seems to be locked
on a forward axis no longer following where the gun is aiming…hmmmmm

How can i get around this ?? thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Do you need it to have a physical collision? Maybe it can be also static ghost?

Nope but would be great if it could, cheers for the ghost tip!

You shouldn’t have a physical bullet object. Just apply a force in the vector direction of buller for objects in front of gun. Use raycasting. BluePrintRandom enjoys using this method and he’ll teach it to you well;)

I just added the omni weapon to resources,

I actually already did all this for Chaos Emergency,

I think all that was stopping him from using my work was a walk animation.
(I worked really hard on that )

o well. if he needs help integrating the work I did he knows how to PM,

I think he is worried about losing his own work.

I have pm you BPR, take a look at Chaos emergency update.