Bullet Engine Meshes Affect Each Other?

I’ve set up a little domino sim, just to test out bullet physics. It doesn’t work. I have the dominoes as rigid bodies, with convex polytope (?) as bounds. When I push play they literaly explode away from each other. It only happens when they are close together. If I move them apart they just wiggle. I tried different bounds settings, and no bounds settings and it didn’t work that way either. The same thing happens with the pins in my bowling experiment. Help, anyone?

Try Ctrl+A’ing the dominoes, see if that helps. You see, sizing isn’t really implemented well, so an object at size 0.5 will still have bounds at size 1.0.

Thanks, but does Ctrl-A clear rotations?

Also, do the mesh/polytope bounds use the mesh itself for collisions? That seems like it would be the best option.


Use it with Blender 2.41 RC2 or later.

Actually, it applies rotations and sizes. The object will face the same way but have a rotation of 0.

Bounds…for dominoes, Box is the best because it saves computing power. The mesh-contour bounds are for non-box objects.

Thanks everyone! I went to blender3d.org and searched for 2.41. The first result was a mini-tutorial on bullet pysics. It said you should Ctrl-A, or “objects will act like they explode, just sitting on a plane” :stuck_out_tongue:

Funny, the answers all usually sitting there, waiting to be found.