Bullet Engine Question

Hi all. I have a relative simple question, but still unawnsered. I have the setting as you can see below. I am using the bullet engine. I want to make an animation, I am just using the game engine to create the IPO of the coin.
I want to create an animation that when I press D when the game is launched, the coin rotates (Z). It workes fine, but when I release the D button it stops hard. I want the coin to continue rotating with that speed untill it falls flat.

Anybody know an awnser to this problem?

You could add a boolean property and then set it true when you begin to press the button. Remember to use OR controller and set both button press and the property to it. This way the coin continues to rotate after you release it.

Could you explain more clear with a screenshot please? I can’t find the things you say.


ok I found the Bool property, set it to true, and now what? How can I use it?

Here you go:http://img475.imageshack.us/my.php?image=prop26nk.jpg

Thanks very much for explaining, I know I must be a pain in the ass, but when I pressed D, it continues to rotate. Any ideas? Here’s a screen.

There’s a timer property type. Perhaps the speed of the coin could be assigned to timer so that it would gradually decrease it after the button is released? That’s what you are after, right?

Decrease Damp and RotDamp to something like 0.001-0.005.

BeBraw, sorry, I just dont understad it. What my goal is, is that the animation should be a coin that is spinned by a finger or something, and then spin (Z) very fast and after some time (depending on what the engine does) fall flat. So I want to make an animation of a coin being spinned and at the end fall flat.

MassTA: it didn’t matter.

Perhaps there is a way to post my .blend file here?

I meant something like this:

  1. User hits the button and releases it -> coin begins to rotate -> timer is activated
  2. As timer’s value decreases, so does dRot. This part could be linear. I have no idea how to make this. Perhaps it’s possible with Python script?
  3. Timer reaches 0, the rotating of the coin has stopped.


  1. Figure out how to use timer.
  2. Figure out how to bind the value of the timer to dRot.

I got completely different kind of idea. You could make a flipper that throws the coin to air as the user presses a key. Bullet would handle the spinning.

Thanks for your help. I really appreciate it. I will break my head over this one with a friend. If I found something out I will tell so.

One thing I did found out is that there is a possibility for another object to hit the coin on a side that makes the coin spin. Simple but perhaps effective.

I believe that it would be usefull to apply a material to the floor and the coin and then adjust the friction. The material button window contains a Material Tab under which is the “DYN” button where you find some physics settings for materials.

This is in combination with the dynamic settings found in the game engine buttons under Actor. The game engine dampening relates to wind resistance and such only.

Don’t forget to experiment with angV using the motion actuator as opposed to dRot.