Bullet hole question 2.49

On the bullet hole script which works has one problem. If shooting a moving object the bullet holes don’t move along with the object they just hang in the scene until the bullet hole disappear. Is there a way to make bullet holes stay on the MOVING object at least until the bullet hole disappears?


You only need to parent the bullet hole plane to the hit object.

I need more info Where do i place that code in the script? I am surprised that Parenting when playing the game can’t be done with parent actuator. Also on my program i parented the empty that shoots the bullets to a custom made cursor,( because i want the cursor to control where the bullets go, the camera i want unmoving. the cursor is an overlay. When i did that nothing works. Not sure if it is because cursor is in a different scene, but i will try working on it.


I think it is the best, that you upload an example file.