bullet integration and cell fracture

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Looks good…just curious I think you add the RBphysics after you do the cell fracture… what shape settings (ie mesh, convex hull ect) are you using and what margin?

the margin is 0 on everything and its a convex hull, the floor is mesh because it causes issues if it isn’t a mesh like EXPLOSIONS!


key: FJ7keWhs4e3ERDF3mIpHXyXHMjVkgcW70dRQH_jdd2w

Hey thanks for posting the file, I took a look at it last night. For whatever reason I have been having problems with my RB objects penetrating my ground surfaces during simulation especially with cell fracture tests. Thanks again

well you could make the ground thicker or turn up the steps per second… 120 should do
this will make the simulation slower not as in play back speed but calculating time