Bullet Integration Tests

This is something I’m working on to test and push to the limits this awesome new bullet integration:

Inspired by this movie done in Cinema4D(one of the softwares that also uses bullet as an integrated tool)

This clip is not finished yet… still rendering:

It’s finished now:


I hope to encourage someone else to try this too… we can try to build something similar to the reference video to test, learn and help to improve the workflow and usability… and to generate some nice stuff to Blender Reel!

I don’t even know what Bullet Integration is, lol!

But tests look awesome, keep on goin…


So this means real time forces in the BGE? like wind etc?

Looks nice, I can’t wait for the official release.

wow looking really good! I still didn’t play properly with the new integrated physic, but this looks extremely promising! Well done!

The un-rendered clip is now rendered :slight_smile: