Bullet Integration Todo List (Poll)

Bullet in 3D viewport (without game engine) would be awesome, isn’t it?

Bullet proposal wiki page

Example videos:

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“Nice to haves”
Ability to tear cloth.

Ability for rigid bodies to react with SPH particles.

It would be nice to have the ability for particles with objects to effect things like cloth, water, and other physics solvers.

To be more specific, an example would be having a particle system that references a group of cubes, when these cubes hit a object with a cloth solver, or something else then the cubes would react like being real objects.

(I understand that the water solver, and smoke may not work so well, but if they could, then that’d be awesome).

EDIT: This may be unrelated to what is being proposed, I haven’t read it fully yet, either way though I very much like the idea of having Bullet physics directly, and interactively available in the view port!

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I have to sy… amazing cool

Some of liero’s examples Gsoc2010(aligorith):

Here are the ones from phymec:

Here is the post bullet-engine-forum :

Yes, I’ve wanted to do bullet physics without using the game engine for a while. Those tests are awesome, especially the magnetism looks cool.

Make physics nodes in the node editor so it will be easy to apply physics properties.

Great to see this project back in the sights!

Having been interested in this topic back then (GSOC 2010), I am really glad to see it alive. Keep up the good work!

Yes!!! It’s alive!!! My hope is renewed!!! Liero’s demos are really good!! He made a great use of this tool!

I’m reluctant to the way — even if it’s impressive — bullet sims are done in phymec, it looks like it starts the game engine only to record the simulation into keyframes you can scrub through.

anyways I hope that Aligorith or someone skilled will bring bullet into animation system — guess dependency graph is a issue here already — then liero’s phymec tool should become somewhat not a addon but integrated into trunk.

keep these projects alive indeed! :smiley:

Aermartin the phymec tools are fro, phymec, liero made the gsoc 2010 aligorith videos.

aligorith had setup an git-project

Anyone first build? ^^

Get Win builds


Thx @demohero
How could we life without your demo builds ^^

played with the build a bit
cube kept bouncing very high then blender crashed

There are some issues according to the developer. Read disclaimers.

Bullet Branch Online

There are problems if you scale things in Object mode.
Another Problem seams to be the Active Mesh Collider, it get ignored.

I noticed, after scaling and rotating i have to: APPLY - rotation, scale