Bullet Integration Todo List (Poll)

thanks a lot demohero, your work is always appreciated!

just tried some old blends on this build, they work today exactly the same! cleaned a bit the files and uploaded to share the fun… they don’t make much sense, and I was a real ‘newbie’ by the time so don’t look too deep into this mess > http://db.tt/59oyUu3Y

thanks again

Thanx liero!

I have been messing around with this for hours. Since then, I have had only one problem. For some reason after hours of messing around, I need to start the sim before I can make another object a part of the sim. If I don’t, Blender crashes.

I’ve been able to add meshes that are 48k faces and use them as a static object. (Weak computer)

Thanks DemoHero, for the build.

Simple operator to copy Rigid Body settings from active object to selected meshes, like those ‘Copy stuff…’ that are already in Blender :stuck_out_tongue:

You need to run the script and then press Spacebar and search for operator. Just type ‘copy’ or ‘bullet’ and you will see it. Hope it is useful till we got something better.

get script: http://db.tt/KmmUBdvZ

edit: this is now integrated as a button in build, thanks for that!

another script, this is to bake a frame of your simulation to static meshes: let’s say you drop some objects to ground and want to keep working on the file / animation in a regular blender build, then just select your meshes and bake them… again, this is a quick script, just trying to make this build even more fun to use

bake frame: http://db.tt/Bicw1eu1

and here is a script to bake a complete simulation: this will generate f-curves for selected objects
remember to clean extra keyframes in editor with ‘O’ key…

bake animation: http://db.tt/51m53sGw


Aligorith added your script… :slight_smile:

Bullet Integration Update by the developer.

Get new builds:


I’m looking forward to testing it on my Ubuntu.

Nice news!!!
I will try to build in the OS X.
I tried to build yesterday… the build seems to be fine, almost everything is fine, the tools are there but the objects don’t collide…
Anyway… I’m not a “ProBuilder”…:o

OK. It worked!
I’m not a “builder uploader” in graphicall, but I requested the ability to upload…
OS X build coming soon…

I can’t get blender to load the addon. I am using Demohero’s latest Win64 build.

@Jerome those are simple scripts, not addons… they don’t even have a gui
just copy and paste in a script editor or open from there and run with your objects selected

sorry for inconvenience, I can easily add a simple gui if this is useful

Oh, I figured that was the case. I was too lazy to even bother.
I’d think it is usefull. Who wouldn’t want to have the option to bake the physics to an animation?

hi, here is a minimal test transfering the settings from a particle system to a rigid body simulation… bullet particles would be great, but found some important limitations to this experiment right now, like not being able to set up an initial velocity for rigid body objects and some general inestability :stuck_out_tongue:

it is just a glimpse of what a physicall particle system could do…

blend: http://db.tt/IoEdmYWk
script: http://db.tt/29EiR9V9

note: previous scripts were updated some time ago

edit: added support for groups as dupli object
also did some more fixes to the script + blend

if you want to try on your own file:

  1. get demohero build
  2. active object with a particles system
  3. particle render set to OBJECT or GROUP
  4. dupli OBJECT is a rigid body itself

Thanks liero. Very nice example :slight_smile:

Hey guys, any OS X build please? Thanks for help.

Sorry to ask here?
does anyone know is this feature included in this build.
Phymec Physics modules.
Output is here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i1YIafaqF7A

No, this is just hte bullet integration done by Aligorith – aligorith.blogspot.com , he did it as part of the 2010 GSOC… but never made it into the trunk… I have a feeling it will be a 2.63 target maybe?

I don’t think so.
Blender 2.63 is completely for Bmesh.
2.64 maybe.

Ahhh yeh i get the numbers mixed up… 2.64 is what i meant!

Hi everyone!
OS X Build in this link = http://www.4shared.com/zip/Ij-qFR1K/file.html