Bullet: photo real

this will be in a live action trailer. any c&c to make more photo real would be great and yes im trying to get Matrix style :o this isnt final background later raplaced with video footage

what live action trailer will it been in?

Everything is too perfect. The texturing, the lighting, the sky. It all needs “grime” and flaws added to make it believable. What is your lighting setup like at the moment? Right now you need some more shadowing because it looks very flat. Perhaps those tiles on the ground could use a bump map as well. And here is a link to what a bullet really looks like in super-slow-motion to give you a reference, hope it helps:


The distortion sticks out a little much, it needs to be more blended into the atmosphere.

Desoto:that ref you have there :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:
changed my plans

Catfish:is for an imaganery action film. this preview to see if the people im making it with want slow mo cgi bullets no actual fotage done yet

Kansas_15:now ive seen ref image gonna make much smaller even though theres none in ref :stuck_out_tongue:

update tommoro

Recently I saw some video of guns firing in slow motion. You can see trails behind the bullet but they’re condensation and smoke so far as I can tell. Nothing like that super ooey-gooey air that is pictured in The Matrix. I believe that was intended to highlight the idea that the world wasn’t quite real inside The Matrix. Besides… its a tad bit cliche. Come up with something a bit more realistic and original and I think you’ll impress people more :slight_smile:

a new way plus ive animated :smiley:

Here are a bunch of videos of shots in slow motion



ya like desoto said the image is too perfect and your trailer (not the avi but rather the bullet trail) is not realistic. The physical effect is caused by heat and at high speeds the radiated waves of thermo energy create small ripples in the air surrounding the bullet not glass balles every so many spaces. Try making the bullet travel more linear and have the perspective of the bullet more accurate to the trail. The scene needs better textures and the whole thing needs some mblur! keep it up though!

hint: when using imageshack.us edit the url link so it is like this -


just copy the img tag and delete the .th and you will get a hotlink instead of a html link! :wink:

ive got the live test fotage finnaly
so a few questions

1.were can i host after ive added gun blast?
2.were can i find tutorial on mixing live with CGI?

  1. Anywhere really. I actually find geocities is quite good for remote linking. (but not much else). www.shyper.com does great free space without any adverts, and it has a decent bandwidth & FTP access. Depends how big your file is though, geocities dont allow uploads of over 5mb at a time.

  2. www.weirdhat.com has a great tute on live action/CG composition

kewl ill check out links at weekend :smiley:

you know… reall bullets don’t leave trails after tham (unless if they are shot in a different medium than air) - so it’s not really (IMO) helping it look photo reall… a nice motion blur would be much sticifing.

ive already took them out see animatoin :stuck_out_tongue: if it works :-?