Bullet Physics Bug?

hello all,

sorry if this question has been asked before, but i did a google search and a forum search and couldnt find anything on it…

ive been playing around with the bullet physics using blender 2.40 and have come across a problem with concave meshes. whenever i try to assign a object as a concave mesh, it just hovers about and does absolutely nothing when the game runs. also, other objects move through it as if it wasn’t even there. i dont really understand what concave meshes are, but it seems that this is a bug…or perhaps concave meshes aren’t supposed to work with bullet physics? help would be appreciated here…

it doesnt wprk for me either

Concave meshes are supposed to be static. they are useful for landscapes and static environment like houses.

Moving dynamic objecs should have other boundtype, like box, sphere, convex, cylinder, cone.

Does that help?

sort of, i guess concaves arent what i want. basically, i want to be able to animate a dice rolling out of a shaker (which would be basically a hollow tube with no top and a solid bottom) no type of bounds seems to work for this as the dice will never accept being inside the hollow part (they will shoot out of it because they dont want 2 meshes in the same space). in other words, it treats the hollow part like it was solid (and if i put the dice above the hollow part they will rest unsupported as if it was solid). if this isnt clear i can include a file of what i want…

you can’t do that at the moment. no moving concave objects like a shaker…

Hopefully in the future I will add something that allows you to approximate the shaker.

Sorry about this :slight_smile:

hey no problem, im just happy to have such a great thing like blender and the game engine for free anyway :wink:

Couldn’t you use a few planes parented to each other for the inside of the shaker?

thats an interesting idea, i tried it but couldnt get it to work. then again, i am fairly new at the GE so perhaps it is possible. if u can get this to work id love to see a .blend file and perhaps a tutorial?

You could just assign the logicbricks to an empty, and then parent the objects that make up the sides of the tube to it.

just dont make the shaker dynamic and they should stay in it