Bullet physics HELP!! 2.42a

So, I want my object(in this case, a man in third person view) not to be able to walk through walls, and fall when over a ledge etc, but whenever I apply an actor>dynamic, it gets screwy. When i walk into walls, he’ll fly backwards when i let go of the walk key. also, he tips over, and seems bound by the physics of any normal object.

Bah, I’m absolutely terrible at explaining my problems, but hopefully you’ll understand.

I have the same problem with my AIs. The bullet physics engine is really messed up right now, just wait for the next release.

It sounds to me like you are using DLoc as your movement translation method, correct?

Well, don’t use it. DLoc and general physics effects don’t mix all that well. Use LinearVelocity instead and that “hitting the wall and bouncing back effect” should stop.

My problems are the rigid dynamics always on and frictions, but they can’t be helped for now.

oto’s pushing and pushing :slight_smile:

maybe useful

you’re right, I was using Dloc for the motion. But now, when I use LinV, the character doesn’t stop moving when I let go of the key. He just slides around and eventually slows to a stop. This is only when I have the friction set to 0 in the dynamic materials panel of the ‘floor’ object. When i turn them up, the character jitters and shakes when I move him :-/
P.S, thanks oto, you fixed my other problem :slight_smile: