Bullet physics integrated in a real photo

Particles were separated from particles system (using ctrl-shift-a) then integrated in a real photo…

You should work on the lighting of the particles to make more believable the particles are there.

have you tried using the camera tracker. this looks like a very cool concept

Yes it is not realistic. Actually it was more a proof of concept. Now with Blender 2.68 you can separate the particles from the particles system and make them rigid bodies (outside the game engine).

Yes I already tried camera tracking which is great. Anyway, I wanted here to test the “project as viewed” unwrap method to add a rigid body collision box inside the image…

And now with coins bouncing on the table…

Bouncing is exagerated to give a splash effect on the table.
Rigid bodies collision boxes are UV mapped using project from view.
Scene is not realistic anyway but it is more a demo on what can be done using the rigid body feature in Blender 2.68.

Very nice demos, renderedbyme! I have a question regarding the rigid bodies physics you mentioned: Are you saying that you can generate the particles as you normally do, but they can obey rigid body physics instead of just the regular particle physics? Or do all the particles get generated immediately on the first frame, and new particles cannot be added over the course of the frames?

My question may be a worded poorly, so I will give an example. I would like to be able to create a gun rig, and from that rig, have a particle system that shoots out empty ammunition casings. Obviously, I would only want these casings to be generated on the frame they need to first be seen, right as they begin flying out of the gun. In the past, this has been easy to setup with the particle generator, but the issue has always been trying to make particle physics look believable (It never looks convincing when you have non-spherical shapes). It would be wonderful if particles could be dynamically generated (as in over a span of frames, not creating all particles on the first frame), but with the true rigid body physics. I hope my question is now more clear!

Actually, you generate the particles from the particles system and then separate them from the emitter.

I did a short tutorial here to explain how to do it:

Let me know if this answer your question :wink: