Bullet Physics Plugin in Blender?

Is there a bullet physics plugin for blender? All I’ve seen are ones for Maya. I know the BGE already has physics, but I’m talking about for animations and stuff. Does anyone know anything about this? Thanks!

I believe the only way available in 2.49 is to bake your physics animation in the game engine. Then you can add materials/textures etc and render as any other animation.

Not currently but the GSOC Bullet Physics project has this as the goal.

Well… not a plug-in per se but the physics engine integrated into blender proper.

As Richard said, you can bake the Physics animation using the game engine.

In Blender 2.49b:
Setup your scene using the Game Logic panel (… set meshes as Actors, turn on Rigid body collisions, etc… search for a BGE tutorial on how to set it up… although it’s pretty intuitive so you may be able to figure it out without a tute for simple sims.)

Under the “Game” menu, check off “Record Game Physics to IPO”, then simply hit “P” & allow the physics sim to run. (Depending on the complexity of your sim, it may take a while… but unlike sims for the BGE, you don’t need the sim to run in realtime :wink: )

The “Record” option will record the physics sim to the object IPO curves so when you hit “ESC” to shutdown the game engine, and hit “ALT+A” to run the recorded animation… it should be the same as the physics sim run in the BGE and ready to be rendered out just like any other animation.

Thanks everyone! Baking the game physics worked really well! I had to double the gravity though, in order to get it up to speed.

Pro’lly had more to do with your scene scale than the gravity setting.
Physics sims are very sensitive to the scale of your objects.
e.g. something falling from 2m takes alot longer to get to the ground than something falling 2cm. :wink: