Bullet Physics Problems

Hello Folks !

I am currently having ongoing problems using the bullet physics in GE.

As a simple demonstration I have a flat plane acting as the floor and a sphere which drops down on to the plane as per the physics / gravity.

Under the logic button for the sphere I have set the following options,

Actor / Dynamic / Rigid Body

Under Bound i`m selecting Sphere.

Under the world options i`m selecting ‘Bullet’ for the physics.

Now, when I press P to start the realtime simulation the ball drops as expected but falls through the plane.

I know that I have managed to get physics working before following the above method but now it only seems to want to drop through surfaces without colliding with the required plane,

Can someone tell me why this might be happening ? Or alternatively offer some advice for setting up this kind of physics ?

Thanks for any advice !

Select your plane, press F9, go into “UV Face Select” mode, check if “collision” is enabled in the “Texture face” tab.

Also make sure that “Ghost” is not enabled in the actor buttons.

Thankyou very much :slight_smile:

Thanks to Social for the advice, got it working eventually :slight_smile:

Also while i`m on this topic,

I`m setting up a logic brick to make the sphere jump in the air when the spacebar is pressed.

I have set up the logic bricks to enable the keypress and when activated the Force on the sphere is set to 100, this all works alright !


When the sphere lands it begins to roll to the edge of the plane (floor) and eventually drops off. :confused:

Can someone explain why this may be happening ?

I have experimented with Movement and Rotation Dampers on the logic bricks and this has some effect but if I raise this figure too high it prevents the jump from ever happening.

Thanks for any advice !

Rez might have be time to start posting some .blend’s of your woes cause you seem to be having more problems than most should.

Ok i`ll post a .blend file when I get home from work ! :stuck_out_tongue:

I understand that you can’t post attachments to the forum, can someone recommend a filesharing website I can upload the .blend to ?

Thanks !

Edit ** Download Link for .Blend File