bullet physics

So far all I have expirienced in bullet physics so far is a bunch of random jumping beans. Why is my stuff jumping everywhere without control? Why are my objects rolling? I didn’t set rigid body… I know so little. :frowning:

Okay…it does not seem that bullet physics work at all for fps or anything besides making a cube run into a bunch of other cubes. Everything just dances about. Is it back to 2.37 sumo physics for me? I am sorry if I seem agitated. Uhg… :frowning:


It seems like objects dont slide anymore. They only roll.


It also appears that linear velocity disables bullet physics.

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I had the same problem a couple of weeks ago, you just have to select every object, and press Ctrl-A. Problem solved.

You’re welcome.


this posting should give some answers:


That is a useful tool. Although it didnt seem to solve all the problems, it helped. Thank you.

Thank you. This solves the rest of my problems. Its back to sumo for now.

Because the project I am working on now is based on simpler times with 3d gaming, I have created my own very simple physics system in Python.