Bullet Physics

So I suppose I do not understand the physics at all. How can I get a plane coming in for a landing to actually fall on the 3 wheels and line itself up with the runway. Basically how can I have different points of contact that interact to move one whole object?

basically you want a ‘bounding box’, also known as collision box, to be the exact shape of the plane, not a sphere or a cube. But right now, i dont think Bullet allows concave shaped dymanic object.

I wonder if it would be possible to make it like real games, with a seperate super low poly model “physics box” that is in sync with the object that is complex. That way, higher resolution models would still work well.

You can just have an invisible low-poly physics object that is the parent of the visible high-poly object.

set bounds to convex hull polytope it will let you use the shape of any mesh for collision… but don’t have to many polygons as it will make the calcuations slower… as in more work for the physics engine… so you can build custom collision proxy objects etc… and parent them to the flying plane or something… it can have convex shapes

This is the system that seems to work best. I havent really played with Bullet yet. So far (for things like planes) it seems to work nicely.